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สนับสนุนมูลนิธิฯ บริจาคเงินออนไลน์-สแกนคิวอาร์โค้ด
#รายได้ทั้งหมดเพื่อสนับสนุนโครงการเพื่อเด็กกำพร้าพิการและเด็กพิการในชุมชน รายละเอียดเพิ่มเติม...คลิ๊กที่นี่

Welcome to CCD

Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities in Thailand (CCD) has been providing care and support to abandoned children with disabilities, regardless of gender, nationality, creed or religion, for over 30 years. Since 1986 when the UK Charity CORD began working with disabled and abandoned children, CCD has now grown and works with over 400 ‘differently-abled’ children and their families across 4 provinces

in Thailand. CCD currently has over 50 Thai staff and 10 international volunteers.

The Problem

There is much stigma associated with disability in Thailand. As a result of this

cultural shame, children born with disabilities are often abandoned in hospitals,

villages or by the side of the road. CCD is working with these desperate and forgotten children to improve their lives, but

also works in the community with families to try to prevent children being abandoned.

The Solution

CCD runs over 5 projects working with disabled children, and we currently help over 200 children. CCD relies on support from donors, trust funds and agencies across the world. Without your help we could not continue. Please get involved, volunteer or donate to keep our work going, and help us reach more children.

Mission Statement

“To demonstrate Jesus’ love by helping disabled children achieve their highest potential though a holistic approach and to enable them to have equal rights, opportunities, a good quality of life and full integration into mainstream society”.

Our mission is to bring life and lasting change to disabled children in Thailand. We bring the love of Jesus by tackling the root causes of injustice and abandonment that they are facing. Our long-term vision is to see disabled children secure in loving families and flourishing in their communities

Mission Statement

CCD's aim is to demonstrate Jesus' love by helping to develop disabled children to their highest potential through a holistic approach and to ensure that disabled children have equal rights, opportunities and a good quality of life in Thailand. CCD welcomes international and local volunteers (both professional and non-professional) to work alongside CCD staff.

Support Our Cause


1. To develop the physical, mental, emotional and social skills of children with disabilities and special needs. 
2. To enable special needs children to be self-sufficient and integrated into society rather than spend a life in an institutional setting. 
3. To enable those children to take advantage of government help schemes. 
4. To educate families and communities about the needs of children with disabilities and special needs. 
5. To provide those children with necessary life and social skills.

Join Us at CCD


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