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New Hope Early Childhood Development Centre

This is CCD’s newest project, which began in June 2015, as a social enterprise paid nursery for mainstream children in the community.

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Objectives in establishing the Center

  1. To develop children in a Christian style Teaches Christian Ethics and the Story of God

  2. to lighten the burden on the family

  3. for children to receive the correct development according to the child's age

  4. so that normal children have the opportunity to interact understand children with disabilities

New Hope Center Objectives


Generate income

It generates income for our work with disabled children.

Serve children with both typical and additional needs

Facilitate integration between children with and without special needs

It facilitates integration between children without cognitive impairments, and those who have special educational needs.  Our New Hope children eat lunch with Rainbow Day Care children, have joint activities such as interactive music sessions, sports sessions and art therapy lessons. We also do joint outings, special visits and events like Sports Day, Father's Day and Christmas. Every morning begins with listening to the Thai National Anthem, and raising a Thai flag, followed by exercises outside. Again, we do these together every day to achieve integration and develop friendships and relationships between New Hope and Rainbow Day Care children.

Raise awareness about disability

It raises awareness about disability for the increased number of families we are reaching in the community.  We hold joint Parent Review meetings with the parents of Rainbow House Day Care children, again facilitating integration and reducing the stigma and isolation surrounding disability.

Provide affordable high quality nursery education

It provides affordable high quality nursery education for children aged 18 months up until they turn 4.  We teach Christian ethics, Thai language and culture, and also English.

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Interested in New Hope?

If you are interested in your child attending our New Hope Early Childhood Development Center please

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