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Rainbow Rehabilitation Centre


     Encompassing the CCD offices, Rainbow House residents and Rainbow Day Care projects all under one roof, Rainbow Rehabilitation centre is a hub of CCD activity. Facilities include Lydia garden with pool, basketball court and playground; a soft play area; sensory room; sensory garden; computer room; toy library; physiotherapy room; and hydrotherapy pool.

Rainbow House

Started in 1990, Rainbow House provides a home for up to 40 children and has been specially designed to be accessible for children with disabilities. Some of these children have previously lived at the government orphanage homes and others come from the community. Some of the children are orphans or have been abandoned by families unable to look after them, and some return to their families for the school holidays or to visit.

The atmosphere created at Rainbow House is made as similar to a family home as possible. The children are cared for by house mothers during evenings and weekends and either attend local schools or Rainbow day-care during the day. Weekends and evenings have outings and activities such as swimming lessons, church, visits to international schools, computer, games, table-tennis, going to the cinema and meals together.


Rainbow Day Care Centre

Approximately 35 children from ages 2 to 15 years old come to Rainbow Day Care from the government homes, Rainbow House residents and from families in the local community. A structured setting for education and therapy is provided to prepare children to attend local schools. The children are split into small classes with their own class teacher and enjoy a variety of activities and therapies including swimming, music, art therapy, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. Our children wear uniform and get used to structured lessons with the aim that they can integrate into a mainstream school in the future. We begin each day by raising a Thai flag and singing the National Anthem, and then doing exercises in the garden.

Independent Living Homes

Happy Home and Vision House

This project is for vulnerable young adults with disabilities, who have grown up at Rainbow House or in the social welfare homes. It is a step towards independent living, as every young man is encouraged to cook for themselves, and take care of their home. Every person in our Independent Living Homes is either in school, further education, vocational training or full-time employement. CCD helps our young people with disabilities to get jobs in the local community.


Mission Statement

CCD's aim is to demonstrate Jesus' love by helping to develop disabled children to their highest potential through a holistic approach and to ensure that disabled children have equal rights, opportunities and a good quality of life in Thailand. CCD welcomes international and local volunteers (both professional and non-professional) to work alongside CCD staff.

Support Our Cause


1. To develop the physical, mental, emotional and social skills of children with disabilities and special needs. 
2. To enable special needs children to be self-sufficient and integrated into society rather than spend a life in an institutional setting. 
3. To enable those children to take advantage of government help schemes. 
4. To educate families and communities about the needs of children with disabilities and special needs. 
5. To provide those children with necessary life and social skills.

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