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Community Work

Serving community and There Families

CCD works in the community helping families who have disabled children. This is a preventative measure to deal with the heart of the problem and to prevent children being abandoned by their parents due to their disabilities.

Community Based Rehabilitation

      Our community work rehabilitates children with disabilities, reduces the stigma surrounding disability, increases disability awareness and empowers parents by giving them support and training. At our community centre children receive physiotherapy, speech therapy, learn independence and gain life skills.

Our field workers also carry out regular home visits with our families where they can see children in their own environment, improve this environment when needed (with specialist equipment being fitted) and also help parents to cope at home. We offer school support and integration into their local community.

All our services are offered to local families, many of them very poor, completely free of charge. This is a holistic and sustainable work, and provides a long-term solution for disabled children with the aiming of preventing abandonment. Our field workers and physiotherapists also visit hospitals, schools and community centres speaking about disability to reduce the stigma and educate people on disability rights.

CCD’s first Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) project was established in 1997 in Nakhom Pathom. We have rapidly grown such that CBR projects are now located in three provinces, serving over 250 children with a variety of disabilities, and their families: CBR 1 – Nakhon Pathom Province, CBR 2 – Nonthaburi Province and CBR 3 – Chai Nat Province.

Our CBR Projects all include:

A Day Care centre which is open at least 2 days per week where parents can bring their children to receive stimulation, physiotherapy and specialist care. We organise activities and outings, run a toy library in our centres, and also give every child lots of love, attention and fun.

Regular Home Visits

Working with Community Service Providers – schools, community centres, social services and hospitals

Raising awareness about disability rights and speaking in schools

CBR has initiated:

Public awareness programs to reduce the number of children born with disabilities where preventative precautions can be taken

Parent support groups

Education of families as to benefits and resources available in the local community

Parent-shared day-care to free some parents to have time to work

Advocacy assistance to help parents attend and understand official appointments with agencies such as schools and hospitals

Training for families, teachers and health care workers

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