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  • Contact | CCD Thailand

    CONTACT - US //////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////// Christian Foundation for Children with Disabilities location 18/1075 Moo 5, Sukhaprachasan 2 Road, Soi 46, Bang Phut Subdistrict, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi Province 11120 Call : 02 584 6966 or 02 582 0620-3 Fax : 02 584 6007 Email : ​ Christian care Foundation for Children with Disabilities (CCD) 18/1075 Hmoo 5 Sukhaprachasan 2 Rd, Soi 46, Bangpud, Pakkred, Nonthaburi, Thailand 11120 Tel. (+66)2 584 6966 or (+66)2 582 0620-3 Fax. (+66)2 584 6007 Email : ​ United Kingdom If you are a UK resident, please donate through our UK fundraising arm to reduce bank fees and also make your donation go 25% further by enabling us to claim the tax back on your donation (if eligible). Donate to forlifethailand United States of America If you are a US resident, please donate through our US fundraising arm to reduce bank fees and get claim tax relief. Donate to CCD-USA //////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////// ask more ? : Question? Vos informations ont bien été envoyées ! Send Location Click to see the map.

  • Rainbow Camp | CCD Thailand

    At CCD we believe that every child has a right to learn, gain independence and skills, but also to have fun! For the children from the government orphanage homes, many of them rarely go outside of the homes, let along away on holiday. And for the families in our community projects, many of them cannot afford to go away, or find the logistics of taking a severely disabled child away just too challenging. An action packed few days teaches the children so many life skills, builds new friendships and also grows their confidence. A Three Day Holiday to the Beach Each year we organise a camp for 200 children (300 in total including carers) to go to Prachuap Khiri Khan province at the end of April. For everyone at CCD – children, staff and volunteers – it is one of the highlights of our year! Many of our children have never felt the sand between their toes, or see the sea. Would you like to support our Rainbow Camp programme? Donate Now

  • Fundraise | CCD Thailand

    I would like to invite you to become a sponsor. Help orphans with disabilities and people with disabilities in the community by donating 100 baht or as needed every month. How does your donation help? Each month the foundation has expenses. Food, water, electricity, and consumables necessary basics, as well as rehabilitation costs according to disability conditions by professional for proper care, in accordance with the needs of families of more than 400 people with disabilities in 10 projects under Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Uthai Thani and Chainat provinces #Please donate so that we have enough budget to support children with disabilities and needy families You can be a part for us to continue. Christian Foundation for Children with Disabilities Account Bangkok Bank No. 2070535790 Siam Commercial Bank No. 305 2578138 We get no government funding to help us run our projects, so each year we have to fund raise the entirety. of our costs. Please donate generously to support our children and transform lives. If you would like to support children with disabilities Please make checks payable to: Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities (CCD) Bank transfer:Bangkok Bank Hayaek Pakkred Branch Account # 207-0-53579-0 ​ Bank transfer:Siam Commercial Bank Pakkret Branch Account # 305-2-57813-8 ​ Bank transfer: Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited Pakkret Branch Account # 137-1-35567-3 ​ contact BANK DETAILS For World wide Swift Address BKKBTHBK Routing Number ABA 0869 Account Number 207-0-53579-0 (Ha-Yaek Pakkred Branch) Account Name Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities Donate via Paypal. Make your donation with PayPal. ​ 💐สามารถมีส่วนสนับสนุน มูลนิธิคริสเตียนเพื่อเด็กพิการผ่านโครงการปันบุญttb 💳โดยสามารถหักผ่านบัตรเครดิตได้แล้ววันนี้ 🙏ขอบพระคุณทุกท่าน Fundraise You don't have to have lots of money to make a difference in these children's lives. With a bit of enthusiasm and determination, as well as imagination and creativity, you can raise money for us! Sponsored Events How about taking on a sponsored event? You can run, swim, walk, cycle or do a sponsored fast or a sponsored slim! We have now signed up with a fundraising platform called GoGetFunding which enables you to create your own online sponsorship page with details of your event which you can then share on social media sites. ​ Buy our cards, crafts and gifts Buy some of our beautiful cards, crafts and gifts made by Rainbow House children. Please contact us for more information of our current stock. ​ Hold a craft sale Hold a craft sale of gifts and cards made by our Rainbow House children – we sell crafts made by our children, such as candles, bags, hand made cards and jewelery. Some of our crafts are also handmade by the parents of our CBR children. You can host a craft stall, or invite our team to come and man the stall. ​ A Successful Sponsored Event! Ride for Rainbow is an annual cycle from Ayutthaya to Rainbow House (a total of 70km). Every year it is organized by Harrow International School with nearly 100 participants, some of whom are our own volunteers or staff from CCD. Our older residents from Happy Home and Vision House often join in too. Alex Williams took part in Ride for Rainbow in 2016. Would you like more information? Email for more ideas, help with planning, leaflets, and a DVD about our work which you can show at your event. Contact us

  • CCD Staff | CCD Thailand

    Management Team management team Christian foundation for children with Disabilities. Christian Foundation for Children with Disabilities Wasan Saenwian Chariya Saenwian Executive Director Project Development Director Kuncharika Saithong Deputy of Project Development Director Piyanart Poboonchuen PA/Marketing and Thai Income Manager Suthida Sokuma HR Manager

  • 2nd Edition 2016 | CCD Thailand

    Issue 2/2016 English Version

  • Rainbow Rehabilitation Centre | CCD Thailand

    Rainbow Rehabilitation Centre Encompassing the CCD offices, Rainbow House residents and Rainbow Day Care projects all under one roof, Rainbow Rehabilitation centre is a hub of CCD activity. Facilities include Lydia garden with pool, basketball court and playground; a soft play area; sensory room; sensory garden; computer room; toy library; physiotherapy room; and hydrotherapy pool. Rainbow House Started in 1990, Rainbow House provides a home for up to 40 children and has been specially designed to be accessible for children with disabilities. Some of these children have previously lived at the government orphanage homes and others come from the community. Some of the children are orphans or have been abandoned by families unable to look after them, and some return to their families for the school holidays or to visit. The atmosphere created at Rainbow House is made as similar to a family home as possible. The children are cared for by house mothers during evenings and weekends and either attend local schools or Rainbow day-care during the day. Weekends and evenings have outings and activities such as swimming lessons, church, visits to international schools, computer, games, table-tennis, going to the cinema and meals together. Rainbow Day Care Centre Approximately 35 children from ages 2 to 15 years old come to Rainbow Day Care from the government homes, Rainbow House residents and from families in the local community. A structured setting for education and therapy is provided to prepare children to attend local schools. The children are split into small classes with their own class teacher and enjoy a variety of activities and therapies including swimming, music, art therapy, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. Our children wear uniform and get used to structured lessons with the aim that they can integrate into a mainstream school in the future. We begin each day by raising a Thai flag and singing the National Anthem, and then doing exercises in the garden. Independent Living Homes Happy Home and Vision House This project is for vulnerable young adults with disabilities, who have grown up at Rainbow House or in the social welfare homes. It is a step towards independent living, as every young man is encouraged to cook for themselves, and take care of their home. Every person in our Independent Living Homes is either in school, further education, vocational training or full-time employement. CCD helps our young people with disabilities to get jobs in the local community. Mission Statement CCD's aim is to demonstrate Jesus' love by helping to develop disabled children to their highest potential through a holistic approach and to ensure that disabled children have equal rights, opportunities and a good quality of life in Thailand. CCD welcomes international and local volunteers (both professional and non-professional) to work alongside CCD staff. Support Our Cause Donate Objectives ​ 1. To develop the physical, mental, emotional and social skills of children with disabilities and special needs. 2. To enable special needs children to be self-sufficient and integrated into society rather than spend a life in an institutional setting. 3. To enable those children to take advantage of government help schemes. 4. To educate families and communities about the needs of children with disabilities and special needs. 5. To provide those children with necessary life and social skills. Join Us at CCD Volunteer Support the children at Rainbow Rehabilitation Centre Way to help

  • Community Work | CCD Thailand

    Community Work Serving community and There Families CCD works in the community helping families who have disabled children. This is a preventative measure to deal with the heart of the problem and to prevent children being abandoned by their parents due to their disabilities. Community Based Rehabilitation Our community work rehabilitates children with disabilities, reduces the stigma surrounding disability, increases disability awareness and empowers parents by giving them support and training. At our community centre children receive physiotherapy, speech therapy, learn independence and gain life skills. ​ Our field workers also carry out regular home visits with our families where they can see children in their own environment, improve this environment when needed (with specialist equipment being fitted) and also help parents to cope at home. We offer school support and integration into their local community. ​ All our services are offered to local families, many of them very poor, completely free of charge. This is a holistic and sustainable work, and provides a long-term solution for disabled children with the aiming of preventing abandonment. Our field workers and physiotherapists also visit hospitals, schools and community centres speaking about disability to reduce the stigma and educate people on disability rights. ​ CCD’s first Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) project was established in 1997 in Nakhom Pathom. We have rapidly grown such that CBR projects are now located in three provinces, serving over 250 children with a variety of disabilities, and their families: CBR 1 – Nakhon Pathom Province, CBR 2 – Nonthaburi Province and CBR 3 – Chai Nat Province. Our CBR Projects all include: A Day Care centre which is open at least 2 days per week where parents can bring their children to receive stimulation, physiotherapy and specialist care. We organise activities and outings, run a toy library in our centres, and also give every child lots of love, attention and fun. ​ Regular Home Visits ​ Working with Community Service Providers – schools, community centres, social services and hospitals ​ Raising awareness about disability rights and speaking in schools CBR has initiated: Public awareness programs to reduce the number of children born with disabilities where preventative precautions can be taken ​ Parent support groups ​ Education of families as to benefits and resources available in the local community ​ Parent-shared day-care to free some parents to have time to work ​ Advocacy assistance to help parents attend and understand official appointments with agencies such as schools and hospitals ​ Training for families, teachers and health care workers

  • 2nd Edition 2012 | CCD Thailand

    Certified Public Accountant's Report and Financial Statements Thai language 2019 Independent Auditor's Report and Financial Statements 2019

  • Day Care Centres | CCD Thailand

    Day Care Centres CCD run 3 day care centres on the site of the government orphanage homes. These centre provide physiotherapy, activities, basic health care and education to see children flourishing empowered by stimulation and love. Day Care Centers Baan Fuang Fah Day Care Centre This centre is located in the government orphanage home which houses over 400 children from birth to 7 years old. Baan Fuang Fah CCD Day-care Centre serves up to 50 children on a rotation basis. The children attending the centre have a variety of disabilities, ranging from mild to severe, both physical and mental. The team comprises of a project manager, teaching assistants and two physiotherapists. Baan Fuang Fah Day Care Centre This centre is located in the government orphanage home which houses over 400 children from birth to 7 years old. Baan Fuang Fah CCD Day-care Centre serves up to 50 children on a rotation basis. The children attending the centre have a variety of disabilities, ranging from mild to severe, both physical and mental. The team comprises of a project manager, teaching assistants and two physiotherapists. Baan Fuang Fah Day Care Centre This centre is located in the government orphanage home which houses over 400 children from birth to 7 years old. Baan Fuang Fah CCD Day-care Centre serves up to 50 children on a rotation basis. The children attending the centre have a variety of disabilities, ranging from mild to severe, both physical and mental. The team comprises of a project manager, teaching assistants and two physiotherapists.

  • Wish List | CCD Thailand

    Wish List Any good quality second hand items you have we can accept to either give to our children or poor families living in the community, or we can sell in our second hand Sharing Shop. If you would like to donate to cover items we desperate needs, here are some examples of thing we need… CCD Project Wish list September2019 Special Items Currently on CCD's Wish List ​ Community Living ​ Costs: ​ Food – 15,000 THB/month ​ Rent – 5,400 THB/month ​ Electricity – 1,330 THB/month ​ Water – 500 THB/month ​ Total – 22,230 THB ​ Details: CCD run two independent living homes in the community for young people with disabilities. Currently there are 8 young men living at Vision House. Their disabilities range from being wheelchair users to hearing impairment to learning difficulties. ​ Of the 8 boys living there 3 of them are still at school, 4 are now working for a furniture company, and 1 is employed by CCD. They live independently doing their own cooking, washing and housework but they still need support from CCD just like any other young people need parents – for advice, love and safety. The youngest is 16 and the oldest is 39. Donate

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